The LTC process is a patented method for the recovery of energy from waste materials, such as plastic, used tires, sewage sludge, household waste, biomass, sludge, brown coal and similar materials as well as lignite coal, impure coal and lopping mixed with waste wood, and using extracted gases for the generation of power, heating gases and fuels.The goal of this process is the use of conversion technology for the efficient processing of solid and liquid raw materials and waste. The materials are recycled through thermal decomposition into conversion gas that is then turned into electricity or fuel oil.


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Matjaz Matko

Electronic specialist at Danffos compressors
Metalization specialist Iskra d.d
Consultant for photo-voltaic project
Network Marketer
Swiss Management Ltd. Area Maneger
Partner at SPTE d.o.o Slovenia


Flavio Ortigao

Dr. Flavio Ramalho Ortigao is the founder of innovative business as INTERACTIVA The virtual laboratory, now a division of Thermo Electron, pin: the private innovation network and Antarus, Born in Brazil, he participated actively in the student opposition to the military regime there in the early Seventies. He eventually settled down in Sweden where he graduated at the University of Lund with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and also worked in the sugar industry.

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