"From waste to clean energy and materials"
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CarbCoin Project
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About CarbCoin
CarbCoin is an experiment designed to combine the best features of cryptocurrencies and the environmental healing solutions to fundamentally change the way that people handle with waste.

CarbCoin presents great opportunities for those who may have a great value on the waste management market but just can’t catch those values in because of the way such systems are currently designed!
Low Temperature Conversion
The LTC process is a patented method for the recovery of energy from waste materials, such as plastic, used tires, sewage sludge, household waste, biomass, sludge, brown coal and similar materials as well as lignite coal, impure coal and lopping mixed with waste wood, and using extracted gases for the generation of power, heating gases and fuels.
The goal of this process is the use of conversion technology for the efficient processing of solid and liquid raw materials and waste. The materials are recycled through thermal decomposition into conversion gas that is then turned into electricity or fuel oil.
Efficiency of the LTC-Process
The efficiency is the ratio between the work done and the supplied power. Basically, the efficiency achievable in all energy/work-coupled plants in practice clearly lies below the theoretical values. This law also applies to conversion plants. Input-material-dependent efficiencies of up to 40% concerning electricity generation are intended to be achieved.
In the process, the plant itself only needs a few moving components, whereby the susceptibility to interference is accordingly low. Maximum security in all process areas is understood. Concrete plants are planned and calculated for individual customer desires.
Process Map Description
Conversion is defined as the synthesis of dry distillation, low temperaturec arbonization, midtemperature gasification and hydration.
Based on this definition, new conversion technologies are:

  1. indirectly heated rotary furnace according to “Stenau”
  2. spiral tube reactor according to Bayer
  3. riser tube reactor LTC process.
The progressive thermos-catalytic material gasification with integrated gas purification is carried out in an entirely closed-off plant system.
CarbCoin Project
Project CarbCoin will have great and positive consequences to World ecology and will improve the quality of our lives
– in a natural and safe way!
Road Map
Stage 1
Q1, 2017
Idea of CarbCoin
Stage 2
Q3, 2017
CarbCoin Concept
Stage 3
December 6th, 2017
Smart Contract Deploy
Stage 4
December 25th, 2017
Presale Start
Stage 5
January 6th, 2018
Token Sale Start
Stage 6
February 6th, 2018
Token Sale End
Stage 7
May 2018
CarbCoin Global Trading
Stage 8
Q4, 2018
CarbCoin LTC Plant (simulation)
Stage 9
Q1, 2019
Dynamic Price Model Concept
Stage 10
Q1, 2025
Security Token
Milan Kozlevcar
Token Model Developer
Matjaž Matko
LTC Technology Expert
Albert Geltar
Direct Marketing Expert
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